Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Am I Going To Do?

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It seems that the more nervous I am, the less I write. Right now, I am very nervous. I have completed 4 rounds of IL-2 treatment, and responded well. I had my re-staging scans yesterday, and the doctor says they don’t look any worse than before. It is very hard to tell if there is cancer in my belly from CT scans, so we are going to do another diagnostic laparoscopy on Friday.

If they find don’t more cancer in my belly during the surgery, I plan to do 2 more rounds of IL-2, and then I’ll be done. I’ll come back every three months for scans, but no more treatments for now.

If they find cancer, I will probably switch treatments to something else. As you can imagine, a lot is riding on the outcome of this surgery, and I am very nervous about it. So, rather than drone on and on about my state of mind, I decided to take the positive route and list all the things I am going to do after I am proclaimed free of cancer.

- Throw a big party. Everyone and anyone will be invited., If you are reading this, you are invited.
- Get a tattoo. This is something I have always wanted, but I have never been sure what to get. Now I know. More on this later.
- Go skydiving with my wife, Jennifer. What better affirmation of life is there than risking it for sheer pleasure. I figure, if God let me beat cancer, he isn’t going to make my chute fail a week later.
- Play a round of golf. I haven’t played in a year, and I am ready to get out there.
- Take a bath and go swimming. I can’t do either until I get my PICC line out. I missed swimming all summer.
- Personally thank everyone that sent me a card / note / gift/ prayer card. I have saved everything. You all can expect to be hearing from me.
- Take a deep breath, cry, kiss my wife and my son. Enough said.
- Get back to life. Get an internship, finish school, and try to live up to my wife’s high opinion of me.

Any other suggestions?

Death to Cancer


scagnetti said...

here's one...
bring the wife and boy out to LA. have a day at disneyland, do another day up here with me at Magic Mountain, and watch some of my movies...
how's that?
you could finish yer california swing by spending a weekend in sonoma... without ordering any Merlot!
i wont see you till the end of July, but who cares right? you'll get to see me anyway...

Jeff said...

How about travel a bunch? Maybe to Cali in the summer when the weather kicks ass? Just an idea.


Jeff said...

How about come out to Cali in the summer. Since you were here in the spring when the weathers never a guarentee. Summers fun. You should travel more when your mess is over.

Eric said...

You need to come to an A&M football game with me.

Sky diving is an absolute must. To this day it's the most exhilerating thing I've ever done.

Anonymous said...

Create a scrapbook to share with all things people gave you. You should take time to reflect on what you went through. You just might realize why all of us are so proud of you.

Publish this blog! The internet is not going to be around forever (yeah, right) and you might want a hard copy when you are too old to type.

Orginize a fundraiser for MD Anderson cancer, maybe even tie it into your celebration/party. Why not give something back to those that have given you so much. I would love to talk people out of their money for such a worthy cause.

The most important thing you should do....LIVE, all day and everyday.


Ken said...

A scrapbook is a great idea. Create it with and it looks like a million bucks (and only cost $40). Then link to the online version from your blog and we can see it.

Alana said...

You will love skydiving! It is awesome. We're thinking about you!

The Oldest Bray Girl said...

jason - i agree with your brother - live, every day. will you send me your email? we have all thought of you so much and you have been especially on my mind this week. i checked the blog and now i know why! we are rooting for you. i have an email composed for my family and i want to copy you. tell your wife we think she is amazing too. wth affection - jenny (bray) stratton

Ken said...

Ooo, Ive got an idea.

Have a cancer fund raiser where you sky dive into 50 yard line seats next to Eric at the Rose Bowl as Texas A&M beats t.u. 93-3. After the game, drive North through Cali on the "Extreme Home Makeover" bus to see Scagnetti at Disneyland and Jeff in the wine country. On the way, challenge people with your now God-like Xbox360 skills for donations to MD Anderson. Take pictures along the way and include it in your scrapbook which is printed with Picaboo. Take that to Oprah who matches the amount you raised and declares you "Man of the Year". As the golden trophy is presented to you by Stephen Hawking carried on Bill Gates' back, scratch out "Man" and write in "Wife" and give it to Jennifer.

Just a thought. Take it or leave it. :)

Anonymous said...

Par-TAY! We're having a par-TAY! I make a mean potato salad. What else can I bring?

*Love* Ken's multi-phase celebration party idea - brills!