Monday, January 29, 2007

Here We Go Again

One question I got last week from a reader is “How do you get ready to go into the hospital, and what do you bring with you?”

I go in tonight, so I think this is a good time to go through my routine. All last week and this weekend I have been making sure that the fridge and freezer is stocked for Jen and Jake. The last thing she needs to do is go to the grocery store. I also made a meatloaf and a lasagna that I left in the fridge.

The morning of my admitting I call to get a password to the wireless ineternet at the hosipital. I don't get admitted until after 7pm, so I get this taken care of early.

I bring the same things to the hospital every time. Here is my packing list:
  • Pajamas, Tee-Shirts, Slippers: I refuse to wear hospital gowns, so I wear jammies all the time in the hospital.
  • My X-Box 360 and Games: I bought this after my second trip to the hospital. I have brought it with me ever since, and it helps relieve the boredom.
  • My Laptop: to read email and sometimes even get some work done. The hospital has wireless internet, which is very helpful.
  • Candy Candy Candy: I bring candy to eat when I can’t eat anything else. I also like to have it to give to the army of nurses and doctors that I see on a daily basis.
  • My Pillow and Blanket: A little touch of home away from home.
  • Decorations: Cards from Jake, pictures of my family, and a bunch of signs Kelleye made for me.
  • Books and Magazines: I am bringing The Long Tail to finish up, and I usually bring a Business Week or 2.
  • Me: I wish I could leave this at home!

I’ll be in for a week. Wish me luck!
Peace, Love, and Hershey’s


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Jason.
I just read your last two postings. You are right....cancer is a very scary word. I know because I have just gone through the three surgeries to remove a spot the size of a dime on my face, and each surgery was more invasive than the previous one. I was scared to death when I heard the biopsy report, I was almost sick when I entered the U of M Cancer Center the first time. I was uncomfortable seeing all the other patients with bandages on various places....mostly their faces. I hate what you are going through, Jason....even though you are handling it better than I ever could imagine. We all appreciate your candor and keeping us informed. Keep it up. Love you, Aunt Judi xoxo

jdrayer said...

I'm really glad to see you're focused on The Long Tail - it's full of so many hugely compelling observations that are going to drive successful entrepreneurs over the next decade... I get dizzy just thinking about. We're pulling for ya Jason! Great seeing you on Tues evening.

Jack said...

Well it has been a while since I have been here, took a while to catch up!

It was great to see you guys last weekend!! You know I always need backup with the in-laws, Ha Ha. Enjoyed the pizza and bowling (it still counts as bowling when it in the gutter, right). I guess i don't get out enough, the games in the arcade sure didn't seem like what I was use to? It was, however fun to watch Jake and Collin play the games.

I read your comments about the questions people ask or don't ask and thought about it for a moment and wonder if I danced around asking what it is that I would really like to ask. So I thought about the questions I have asked other about you: How is he doing? Any news if the treatment is working? How are Jen and Jacob doing? Is he coming to the next gathering? Is there somethingI/We can do to help them? So now I wonder, what question(s) do you ask someone who has cancer.

I also read about some of the test you have had and having had a couple of them myself (not even close to all of them nor as many) I am sorry that you have had to go through but I am thankful I am not! I give you credit for being tough and hanging in there and you probably deserve alot more credit than that!

So, moving on to the x-box, I am still debating whether to get one or not, especially since the playstation 3 is on the ground. Or I guess I could get a wii and throw the remote at the TV. Just a thought. Guess I also like the idea of the Blu-ray Disc Player as well, oh well.

I read in your list of things you take with you for your journey, what magazines do you read. I like like to read magazines (uess because it doesn't require a long attention span) but they seem to be slowing going away. I don't see as many people reading them. Just curious.

Well, I think you are coming home today, so do whatever it is you do, take care and I will check back later on you and the cancer.

Anonymous said...

I think your right cancer is a scary word. Maybe your should give the beast a name, David had his Golioth. I like Grendle . . .

Jason vs. Grendle (Jason wins, in a landslide!)

Your brotherest maximist,