Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back From Surgery

Just a short note. I had my surgery yesterday and everything went fine. The doctor poked two holes in me and looked around, took a couple biopsies, and sewed me back up. I had some trouble getting out of the hospital, but I am home and in a relatively small amount of pain (thank you Oxycodone!).

My surgeon saw improvement in my cancer since the last time he looked (October). There appears to be less cancer than before, and the doctor is happy with that. He biopsied (took samples) of the cancer he saw, and sent it to the lab. The lab will determine if the cells are viable (alive) or dead. There is a chance that the cancer has been killed by the chemotherapy, but still sits in my belly as a dead mass of tissue.

I should get the lab results on Wednesday, so look for news then.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they seem to be working! I love you all.

Death to Cancer

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Anonymous said...

Your California contingent has been thinking about you and sending all their best wishes. I've got my 'best' coast hippy-dippy fruit and nut crew rooting for you (I figured real weirdos might scare the cancer off!)