Monday, October 09, 2006

Finished #6

Hola from Houston!

I hope everyone is doing well, thank you for the comments to my last post. That pumpkin coffee thingee from Starbucks sounds really good, I can't wait to try one.

I am just recovering from my last treatment. The recovery time for my treatments has gotten really horrible. I think it is a sign of the cumulative effect of the treatments. Like the treatment before last, I spent the last week in bed feeling sick. I finally started feeling better today, 6 days since I got out of the hospital.

As treatments go, this last one could have been worse. I swelled up like a wet sponge again, but not as bad as the first time. Probably the worse part of me treatment was that I only got to see ennifer twice during the whole week. She is busy taking care of everything else in our life, and it gets a bit hectic. She is kicking ass at work though, and with their killer health insurance, I can't complain.

So the biggest news is, they took my PIC line out. For those of you that haven't seen me since this whole thing started, this was a semi-permanent IV catheter in my arm. It sure was uncomfortable, and I am glad it is out. I can take a shower now wothout anyone's help (my PIC line couldn't get wet). It may signal the end of my treatments, :)

So I go back in on the 25th to meet with my surgeon (who is awesome) and schedule another laparoscopy. This is where the rubber meets the road, as it were. He is going to open me up and look to see if there is cancer left and how much. This will tell us if the treatments are working and if they do any more. I am sure everyone knows what I am hoping for.

Until then, I am just hanging out with family and trying to build my strength back up. I love and miss you all, you are in my thoughts too.

Connelly out.

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Scagnetti said...

a catheter...
okay, i wont say anything lewd or lascivious other than this....
yer a sweet old man, and another day with you is like...
well, it's like...
uh, i dunno, living hell? thank god yer in Houston, right?
if i were there, i'd have to take yer calls and talk to you on a regular-type basis...
who wants that?
well, i guess i do. and for a long time to come, too.
get better, you bloater you!
you retain fluid better than all my sisters combined!