Saturday, July 08, 2006


Hello Real World!

I say the real world because when you are in the hospital for almowst two weeks, you can forget that anything happens beyond the door of your room. But, the world does continue to turn even when I am in here, whether I like it or not.

To all of those who wanted to come and visit me and either got a thumbs down or just didn't hear from me in time, I am sorry. As it turns out, this session of immunotherapy was the worst yet. I don't want to go into details, but I have been miserable for 5 days and in no shape to receive visitors. It is over now, they stopped the medicine about 28 hours ago, and it should be out of my bloodstream now, although for some reason I will still feel some of the effects for days.
Some good news: I am going home today! The doctor has pronounced me well enough to be let out, and I should be discharged in a couple of hours (that sounds slightly gross ;) ).

Sorry its a short post, but I am lacking energy and I really don't have much to say. I'll post again from home in a couple of days.

Love you all!


Kate said...

You sound great! Glad you get to go home. If you have any more pictures, I'm sure everyone would love to see them. I would.

Enjoy home and rest. You're winning this battle.

All the best - Katie

Ian said...


Glad to know things are sort of under control now. Get well soon and come back to class, man. Class '07 is way too boring without you.

Jack said...

Well, I had dinner with the in-laws again (I know, you are not feeling well and I am harrassing you). OK, it was pretty good but I am having trouble fooling the big guy into thinking I know computers!

So hurry up, get on your feet and do your part!! Besides this Lil Mexican Joint we went to was pretty good.

So the sooner you get better the sooner I can get the in-laws to take you there!!!

PS. I know the in-laws are reading this to make sure I don't give you a really hard time. Know that you are in our prayers and are here for you and yours.


Ete said...

Hi Jason, I am here to make that mind of yours work. Who am I clues will be discreet and seldom - no I am not Marcus Brutus or Julius just a free man praising you. Till next time - maybe we will meet in the forum or senate.

Fighting in Texas said...

Interesting. I would say Marc Antony because of the "free man", but he came to bury ceasar, not to praise him. Of course that beggs the question, am I ceasar?

psonica said...

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