Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lunch Makes My Day

Ok Ok Ok!

I know I haven't updated in more than a week. I know that everybody is worried about me. I know everyone checks this blog first thing in the morning (as they should). I haven't been busy, my computer hasn't been broken. I have just been lazy about updating. I am sorry, and I will not let it happen again.

So, what has been going on with me? I am sorry to report: not much. I have been out for about 2 weeks and have been enjoying myself and resting.

My day has become centered around one thing: lunch. I have enjoyed meeting people for a good meal almost every day. The highlight so far? Pappa's Seafood with my brother Jordan. I had this AMAZING mesquite grilled redfish and shrimp. Why don't they serve food like that in the hospital? If they did, nobody would want to get discharged (there is that word again).

I made some divinity last week that turned out pretty good. For those that don't know, divinity is a type of candy that is crumbly, white, and usually vanilla flavored with nuts. Mine had halved pecans on it, and it was pretty good. If you have ever tried to make candy in a humid climate, you understand the "luck" involved in having it turn out.

I have decided that we are going to rent an RV for a week to ten day trip sometime next year. I am going to spend the time in between now and then planning it. I welcome any destination (final or intermediate) recommendations. So far, I am thinking either grand canyon or DisneyWorld as the final destination, but I am open to other ideas. Help would be appreciated.

Until just a few days ago, I have been feeling great. I caught some sort of stomach bug on Sunday and have been less than 100% since then, although I have a feeling that I am on the mend. Hopefully I will get to go to lunch today with some old work buddies (my old work, not old buddies).

So, what is coming up? We take Jacob to the circus on Saturday (I'll put a picture up), and I start my next chemo round on Wednesday, July 26. This round will be done outpatient, so I just go to the hospital for 4 hours a day for 4 to 5 days. After that, I will have to go in to get the immunotherapy portion of my treatment. The good news is that I will only be in the hospital for 4 to 7 days! Big change from the 13 I am used to.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and prayers, I think they are working so keep it up! :)

I promise not to let it be this long between updates again.



Kate said...

You know you'll always have a place to stay in Florida - either with Kevin, my parents, or me and all my pets!

I'm glad you finally posted, I was getting a little worried. So I figured out that in order to get what you want (in your case, beating the cancer) one must create a Web blog, spread the word, and make everyone pray for you. Hmmm, I think I might be on to something here.

Plus, not only do you have tons of people praying for you, you have certainly helped remind all of us what's important. And remembering that is so fleating, so that's why I like to look at your blog as much as possible.

So, thanks again!

chris & kelly dizzle said...

I think we should all quit our jobs, rent RVs, and join you in a convoy. I wish! Suggestions for your trip - CA wine country (you better!), and north Texas. Oh, and as far as renting an RV, I don't know much about them, but if you decide you want to rent a boat, I can definitely help you (LOL).

It's good to hear you're getting away from the hospital more. I think just being at home can be a great part of your treatment and attitude. No place like home!

We are coming down the weekend of 8/19. I hear there's some kind of party being planned. Can't wait for the usual silliness!

Jack said...

I must say it has been a while! And I quit checking first thing every morning (the blog guy has been lazy). Well enough said about that. I am glad that you are getting a bit of a break and enjoying the lunch outings!

Well as you know, we have an outing with the in-laws coming up! So I hope you have planted a bug in their ear about some place really good you would like to go (that I would really like to go as well). It will be fun, hopefully!

Tell Jen and Jake I said thank you, all, for the birthday wishes. Although I am not really sure I appreciate being reminded that I am another year older. Just kidding, it was great to hear from you guys!!

So, about the RV, sounds pretty cool. I think you should just travel everywhere! There are so many places to go and to see. I've neve been to Colorado or Wyoming, I think I would like to go there. There is a lot of history all around, maybe the Outer Banks (N.C. Kitty Hawk) or Tennessee, Lynchburg Home of Jack Daniels.

OK, I will move on. I am glad to hear you are hanging tough and looking ahead; it makes me believe my prayers are working!! As always knw that we are thinking of and praying for you and yours! We stand at the ready and await your call. Your family, your friend, Jack.

"Fortes fortuna adiuvat"

Þhân†ôm said...

I do actually check your blog when I boot up my computer, each day! It's not in the morning, because I leave early for work - but in the evening, I check it regularly. I'm glad to hear that you have been out of the hospital and able to enjoy life (and food) a bit. Keep fighting this thing! You know you're in everyone's prayers ... A lot of classmates ask me if I've heard how you're doing, and I give them this site's address, so I'm sure you've got quite a few Rice readers. Keep up the posts - we're looking forward to seeing that you're in full remission!

Þhân†ôm said...

Oops, sorry ... Phantom = Jon, btw :)

aunt judi said...

I am happy to hear you are doing well, and enjoying lunch.
Regarding your trip next year. I think you should come to Michigan to see your favorite aunts. I promise we will show you a good time, shower you with affection, and watch Jake if you and Jenn want to take off for a few days alone. But I certainly understand if you want to see other parts of the country.
Keep eating...put some weight on. You have now replaced me as the one everyone worries about being too thin!
Love & miss you very much!
Aunt Judi

Sarah said...

thinking of you in Evergreen CO! We always have a place for your family to stay if you hit Colorado...we could go to some fantastic show at Red Rocks, always good music! Summer, Rocco, Craig and I send you all of our love and support!

Scagnetti said...

how about the grand canyon AND DisneyLAND!! great places to park and camp IN the gc park. and LA always welcomes you and yours hoss! cant wait to turn those cankles upside down and fling the little bugger like a windmill. i have many crazy uncle-type tricks.
good to hear from you.
might make a movie, a feature, a road movie. the production vehicles will be RVs. maybe will pass on the road instead. Hell, i dunno, but somehow I know we'll see you next year,
yer husband,

RSAMegale said...

Hi Jason,
Sounds like you are doing great and staying busy and that is great. That's great news that you get to do your next treatment as an out-patient! Colorado or New Mexico are great states to visit. I use to live in Albuquerque, NM and the mountains are gorgeous! I'm sure that whatever you decide to do, you will have fun no matter what. Take care!

Sarah, Robbie, and Alexa

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