Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alright everybody, I know its been over a week since my last post. I can't really claim to be "too busy", so I will just say I had other things on my mind.

The first half of my treatment went well. The started me on the Chemo Wednesday night, and I finished it Sunday night (Monday morning). Just like last time, I tolerated it well, and kept me appetite throughout. In fact the doctor might reccomend that for the next course that I do the chemo part outpatient! I would still have to drive to the hospital everyday for five hours, but I would get to sleep in my own bed!

Now for the second phase of treatment. The doctor decided to start the bio therapy Sunday night, while I was still receieving the chemo. I have been sick since. This drug is really mean. I have eaten so little since I started, you can count it as not eating. I am in really bad shape, but it is just side effects from the new drugs. The same thing happened to me last time. Tonight I ordered a blueberry muffin, applesauce, and cherry jello for dinner...

Now for the good news. My belly does not seem to be filling up with anywhere near as much fluid as last time. The difference is staggering. The last time I was in the hospital, we empties 4 liters a day from my belly (keep in mind they are pumping tons of fluids into my body). This time, in 7 days, we have emptied 7.3 liters (would have been 28). For three days my belly looked the same without emptying. I am going to see how long I can go without pulling any fluid out. Maybe the rest of my stay!

Happy 4th to everybody. Remember what this holiday means. It represents the birth of the greatest country on earth. Give her a good party...



Kater_Potater said...

Hi Jason!
Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know that we're thinking of you every day here in Michigan and that we are praying for nothing but the best! We love you and can't wait for more and more good news to come our way from you!

Kate & Mike

lilbro77 said...
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lilbro77 said...

"Little by little one walks far.You won't realize the distance you've walked until you take a look around and realize how far you've been."

Keep Fighting Brother-

Jack said...

I just wanted you to know I am disappointed that you guys didn't come to our parade!!! You know the Meadows Place 4th of July is one of the least noted parades in the country!! And for good reason. I am glad to hear the good news and ignor the bad (just means I need to refocus my prayers).

Well, guess I won't give you a real hard time since you are using all your strenghth to put upp the good fight (especially since you know Iexpect alot out of you). Keep fighting and know that we are hear for you!

By the way, what x-box games do you have??