Monday, June 19, 2006

Ok, here is the scoop.

Today was my last day away from the hospital for a long, long time. Tomorrow, I go in for an entire day of tests. Some of the tests I will be having are MRIs, X-Rays, and Cat Scans. I am having these tests to try and determine if the chemo is working so far (it's called staging).

Unfortunately, I had all those scans before the chemo and they really couldn't see my cancer. It took a surgeon looking with his own two eyes to see it. I guess, no news is good news from the tests tomorrow.

After my tests, I come home and sleep in my bed. Wednesday I go back to meet with the doctor about the tests, and then I get admitted to the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. Before I left last time, the doctor was suggesting a 14 day course of chemo and (bio) immunotherapy. It would go like this: 5 days of chemo, 4 days of bio, then 5 days of chemo, plus 2-4 days of recovery time. End result: 16-18 days in the hospital.

This would start a new phase of treatment. I would officially be spending more time in the hospital then at home.

So, I am not too happy about the hospital stay, but I am encouraged that my doctors want to get aggressive with my treatment. I have been telling them to take off the kid gloves and hurt me (and the cancer), and they are listening.

You all rock for staying in touch with me during this difficult time. I miss you all and hope to see some of you in the hospital visiting me (hint hint).

Love ya,



Scagnetti said...

Kiss his ass, Seabass!!

rbsugarland said...

Hang in there, Jason...stay positive! The faster they kick this cancer in the butt, the faster you'll be home full time.


Þhân†ôm said...

Hey Jason,

Let us know how the tests turn out. Hopefully they find that the cancer is a lot less than it was when you started. Keep positive and keep fighting!

What is your hospital address, so that I can come visit? If you don't want to post here, feel free to send to my school email.

Feel better soon man.

- Jon

lilbro77 said...

Round three...ding ding...time to knock the cancer out.

keep fightin'