Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hello there friends and family,

Well, I am not going to beat around the bush, I went to the doctor yesterday and all the news wasn't good. I have great news, good news, and bad news.

So the great news: When I had my first brain MRI one and a half months ago, there was a dark spot that the doctors were concerned might be cancer. They weren't convinced 100%, but the possibility was there. My brain MRI from Tuesday shows absolutely no cancer in my brain. Great news!

Now the good news: The object of all these drugs they give me is to shrink and hopefully eliminate the cancer in my body. According to the CT scan I had on Tuesday, the cancer in my belly is "Stable". This means no significant growth or shrinkage. The good news is that it hasn't grown significantly in the last month and a half.

If you just want the good news, stop reading now.

The first piece of bad news has to do with my hospital stay. Because they are afraid I have an infection in my belly, they don't want to start my third round for another week. They sent me home and have my a bottle of antibiotics. I consider this bad news because I don't want to give this cancer a chance to grow.

Second bad news. Like the smudge in my brain, on my first CT scan one and a half months ago, there was a spot on my left lung that they were unsure about. As it turns out, while it hasn't grown, it showed up in the CT scan I had on Tuesday and the doctors are pretty sure its cancer. I can't begin to tell you how much that sucks.

So, I am home for another week. I will post again this weekend. I Love you all.


Kate said...

Fight. Fight. Fight.

I can't get over how amazing you are.


aunt judi said...

There was an article in the paper about a 7 year old girl that had cancer. She has gone through several chemo treatments. Her father had a shirt made for her which read on the front "Bald is Beautiful" and on the back "But the Cancer Sucks". Of course, I thought of you. Bald is beautiful on you! Keep fighting and remember how many people love you and support you.
Aunt Judi

flores3 said...

Well, all that good show definetly cancel out that bad....Hope and faith are amazing healers, keep those up!!!

RSAMegale said...

Hi Jason!
I think you are doing great with everything you have been through. You are a fighter, stay strong. I've been down the road of cancer (Jennifer knows the story) so believe me when I say I know exactly what you are going through. Keeping a positive attidue as you have been doing, is a very important factor in all of this. Where there is a will, there is a way and you definitely have the WILL! Hang in there...

Sarah Megale

marianne cilia said...

God bless and be with you Jason...As Others said, you ARE a fighter, hope and faith heal, and most powerful of have our prayers, which I know are heard. Keep up the good fight and good faith, my friend, you and your family are always in my thoughts and my prayers!

Marianne Cilia

Kell B said...

Echoing the sentiments of all the others -- you are amazing! Sorry to hear about the bad news but very excited about the good news! You continue to be held in my heart and prayers every day.

- Kellye

Jack said...

Well, I finally made it, here! Yes, us country folk are a bit slow with these new fangled contraptions ya'll call computers.

Anyway just thought I would let you know I have missed you at the last few gatherings, C&S have been working me over AND I have used your name in vain!

So, I am hearing X-Box 360!! Guess I might have to get one(If I am allowed to!).

Enough about that; know that you are in my prayers and I expect to see Ya soon.


Jack said...

Hey, dude! It's your sister-in-law in-law!

Just wanted to touch base with you, because I was thinking of ya'. I hope that you are enjoying the heck out of your Xbox 360! I know that Jack wants one too, 'cuz they're supposed to be way cool.

Remember that I love you, and am praying for you! I know that you are a fighter! Keep it up, and stay sweet!

Love, Kirsten

steelboy28 said...

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