Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Good Week, About to End

Well, it has been a great week.

I have gotten stronger everyday and continue to eat more at every meal. I still get tired easily, but I plan on driving (wow) to the mall today and going out to lunch. My brothers and I are meeting at Freebirds for burritos.

Some bad news. My hair started falling out two days ago. It is coming out in clumps and I have no doubt that I will lose it all within a week or so. I knew this would happen, but I can't say I was prepared for it. It makes the chemo all the more real. Jennifer, my wonderful wife, went to the store and bought me a bunch of hats without even being asked. Love is a great thing.

I go back tomorrow to the hospital for another round of chemo. I am dreading it, but it must be done. They might start me on a new drug after the standard five days of the other drugs. If they do, it will extend my hospital stay by about 4 days.

My personal goals for this round:
  • Keep Eating. I will eat whether I am hungry or not, and whether it tastes good or not. My strength has come from food and staying as normal as possible.
  • Keep Moving. I do not plan on spending the next week or so in a hospital bed. I will take walks around the hospital and try to get some fresh air.
  • Keep Believing. I got pretty despondant last time because I felt so horrible. I will keep focused on the prize, cancer-free living for myself, my family, and my freinds.
My posts might stop when I am in the hospital, last time I wasn't able to use the computer very well.

I let everyone know how it goes!


Kate said...

Jason, you're such an inspiration.

Thank you for that.

Kate Hardcastle

Scagnetti said...

Love you buddy...
Keep on truckin!

Kell B said...

Jason -- thanks for the updates. You are amazing! Your attitude is truly an inspiration. Know that you are loved and cared for from people far and wide.

- Kellye (Bowman) Burke