Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jumping Back On

Since starting treatment for malignant melanoma last May, sometimes I feel like the world is a merry-go-round. Things seem to move quite fast, and every couple of weeks, I take a step off and do another treatment. The world spins on, oblivious (maybe), of the temporary loss of one of its inhabitants. A few days after I get home from the hospital, I get a little run going, and hop back onto the merry-go-round.

My last treatment went well, although it was one of my worst eating-wise. I went in last Monday, and Tuesday Jen brought me a sandwich from Schlotzsky’s (after this, I am going to do a commercial for these guys: “Your turkey-bacon-club got me through chemotherapy”). It was the last thing I ate until Saturday morning.

The treatments are definitely having a cumulative effect. After the second dose of IL-2, I felt like I did at the end of the last treatment. I did 6 doses (yeah), and the doctor called it quits (wimp). Actually, I was determined not to cry uncle.

On the plus side, it was my shortest hospital stay ever (4 nights ICU, 1 recovery). It isn’t that I responded so well, or recovered so quickly. I think they just trust me to take care of myself and follow instructions when I get home. I say that’s good. I go home where I am more comfortable, and someone needier gets my bed at the hospital.

For the next post, I am taking questions from the audience. Email me or post a comment on the blog with your question and I will try to answer it. Feel free to ask me anything related to my cancer, treatment, state-of-mind, family, etc. No holds barred.

Well, until then, it is time to get back to the business of living, and business is good.


Anonymous said...

Glad the last round went well and you're back at home....'snowed' in, presumably. Do you have enough provisions to make it through this blizzard?

Peace out.
- Kellye

Jimmy B said...

Jacob Rocks in the video! When we started at SS.COM, the dancing baby was a huge hit on the WWW. Is it genetically possible that your watching Dancing Baby abazillion (word copyrighted by Charlie Wilson) times could possibly provide your son equivalent talents? You should check out www.megababy.com to see what I mean. That would be my question for your question and answer session.

Jimmy B – ex-junkman

Kevin said...

J, check out my bosses web site at www.teamtony.org he is a fellow conquerer of cancer and is walking across our state on sunday...

Anonymous said...

Keeping up with your successes is uplifting.
The girls and I are all pulling for you.
Your perpetual(almost)ability to stay 'up' is really a gift and, I'm sure, a key to your success.
Be good,

Larry, Marie, Libby & Jackie