Friday, June 09, 2006

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo! J-Dog in the house!

Ok, I am feeling a little nutty this morning. In my defense, I have a lot to be (pleasantly) nutty about.

I am home! I came home the Wednesday evening with little celebration. For those of you who have never had an extended stay in the hospital, coming home means so much. In the end, even with the visitors and constant doctor and nurse visits, hospitals are very lonely. And home, even with Jen at work and Jake at day care, is not very lonely at all. Maybe it's a quirk of spacetime, or just a fact, but being home feels good!

One of my aunts came to stay with us for a few days also, which is very cool. It is so nice to see her, even though she is working during the day too.

Yesterday, Jordan came over and brought lasagne for dinner, not to mention made a salad and an apple pie right there in my kitchen. I love my family.

So how am I doing? Pretty good considering I got a 10-day course of chemo and immunotherapy. I have a bad case of edema (swelling with fluid) in my legs, and something called Red Man syndrome has caused me to break out in a rash over most of my body. Like all the other minor annoyances associated with chemo, it's better than Cancer!

I go back on the 20th, and my doctor is already telling me that he is so pleased with how I have tolerated the chemo, he is considering a 14-day course next time. That would be a 5-day course of chemo, a 4-day course of bio (IL-2) and then another 5-day course of chemo! I am not happy about being the hospital 14+ days again, but the more they give me the better.

Until then, rest and relax. I was thinking of starting a library of video clips for Jake where I talk about my childhood memories. Ever seen "My Life"? Somewhat like that. I might sell my old X-Box on eBay too. Try to save up enough for an X-Box 360 and Oblivion!

Ok. This one is a little long-winded. I promise next time I'll post another picture of my head with no hair so you have something to look forward to. You know who are!

Love you all,



Scagnetti said...

ok, chrom dome...
good to be home...

I still miss my wife,

The Ellams said...

Hi Jason,
I used to work with Jen in Sugar-Land but now live in Muscat, Oman with my family. With the 10hrs time difference Jen and I haven't been able to catch up much and I was sorry to hear from her that you have cancer.
We just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you. Stay positive J and drink lots of Green Tea!
Your blog is a wonderful'll have worldwide support!
Lots of love and hugs
Laura, Richard and Olivia xxx

RSAMegale said...

Hi Jason!
So glad to hear that you are home and feeling good! Hang in have a very positive attitude and that is very important. I enjoy reading your comments and I love the picture! Keep us posted on things. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Robbie, Sarah, and Alexa Megale

aunt judi said...

Hi Jason,
I want you to know I am thinking of you....missing you....and love you very much.
Aunt Judi aka Your Girlfriend

flores3 said...

Hey sweetie....I have no doubts you will beat this...We are survivors and me in that beat cancer club. You are right, there is no other outcome that is acceptable. We are praying with all our hearts and souls to help you win this, when you do...I will buy the beer and Jake and Michael can finally meet and play....Keep fighting and we will celebrate your victory soon.

Love Jennifer, Johnny and Michael Flores

bill_w said...


Glad to hear you are back on our side of town vs. uncle Louie's and Kilty's. Sounds like you get a few more days before you go back so I hope you and Jen enjoy them. Not sure you are up for it, but I would like to stop by and say hi this week. I am on the road for 3 weeks solid starting Monday. I left you a vmail on your home phone, but knowing you , you'll get this before you get the phone.

Just let me know. Keep up the good fight!