Sunday, December 24, 2006

Looking Back

Well everyone, it has been a tough year. As a matter of fact, besides the year I was born (boy was that traumatic); it has been one of the toughest. I wanted to use this post to look back and thank the people that have helped me so much this year. I couldn’t have done it alone. So without further ado, here is my list of shout-outs:

Dr. Patrick Hwu, Dr. Paul Mansfield
I don’t have much faith in miracles, I have faith in doctors. I credit 99% of my recovery to these two guys.

The only way to test the strength of a chain is to pull it until it breaks. My wife is titanium steel.

I may not have always acted like I wanted to see him; but from the first time he came to see me in the hospital, he made it like home. He can ride on daddy’s magic chair anytime.

How my brother worked nights, spent his days with me, and still managed to sleep is a wonder of human endurance. He actually created hours in the day! Nobody has been more willing to help at any hour for any reason.

Driving me to the hospital, coming to visit me every other day like clockwork. He has been there for me like only a dad can.

Aunt Jan (Nanny)
She is so special to me. Why do I cry every time she visits me in the hospital?

Carol Lacey, Physician’s Assistant
Everything I know about cancer I from Carol. She is ne of the busiest people in the hospital, but never failed to answer a question for me or my family.

The other doctors and PAs in the Melanoma Clinic (Hwu, Bedikian, Papadapolous, and Kim)
When I go into the hospital for a treatment round, I never know which doctor will be taking care of me for the week. Because these doctors are so awesome, I never worried about it.

The nurses at MD Anderson, especially Ida, Lauren, Joseph, Grace, and Effie
Nursing has got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. These are the ones that take care of me in every way you can take care of a person.

Claire, Mike, and Eric
My friends from school worked very hard to make me feel like I wasn’t even away.

My friends at SalvageSale but especially Scott, Ken, and Kim
These guys made me feel normal when I was out of the hospital. Thanks for treating me like a human.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center
What an amazing place! Truly a place of healing. I owe them alot.

Most of All: You!
You read my blog, comment, tell your friends. I love you guys.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

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