Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No More Belly Tube

Wow! What response!

It looks like most people want me to post whatever I want. That's good, because I would have anyway ;)

OK, last you heard from me I had done the outpatient chemo and was going back for the inpatient portion. For the most part, the chemo sucked. They give me two drugs inpatient, IL-2 and Interferon-A. The IL-2 is an immune system booster, and makes me sick to my stomach. The Interferon is a synthetic version of the chemical messenger in your body that tells you that you have the flu. They call the side effects shake-and-bake. This is because I alternate between horrible chills (warm blankets, wool hats, etc...) and fevers of 102+.

The combination of the these two drugs is just miserable. Not to mention they give me about five other drugs with them, including dopamine. They give me the the dopamine to increase my blood pressure. It also makes my heart rate stay at about 100 beats a minute the whole time I am on it.

So, that's the dirty truth. The good news is that they took the catheter out of my belly. I haven't had to drain any belly fluid, so it was pretty much useless.

I have been thinking alot about life expectancy lately. It seems that even if I go into "permanent" remission, this will be something I will deal with for the rest of my life. The odds are in favor of me fighting this cancer again. I will beat this cancer this time, but I just can't realistically look forward to living to 100 anymore. I know it is depressing but what the hell? I can't be a ray of sunshine all the time.

Right now I am just looking forward to my birthday. It is in less than two weeks and my family is going out for a nice dinner. I will have been out of the hospital for a long time so I should be able to enjoy the food. I might even try a glass of wine or two :)

Well, sorry this isn't my usual pick-me-up post. I'm sure I'll be in a better mood in a few days.



Jeff said...

Dude please. For starters no one needs or wants to live to be 100.
Live your life cramming as much as you can in and you'll have a full life no matter when you die. I will see your bald head in person soon.

In Cali

Kate said...

Stay strong. You'll get through all this before you know it. Then you can write a book that will help millions of other people fighting cancer. Or just use this blog.

I am so impressed what a strong person you are. You are a role model for so many. My thoughts and prayers are still always with you as you fight.

Jack said...

SORRY! SORRY! SORRY! I have been Busy (spelled L A Z Y) and not posted in weeks. BUT I haven't missed a single prayer AND I see they are working! Yes, even as I have traveled across the country, from San Antonio, Texas all the way to Charleston, S.C.

Enough about that stuff; you sound great and I am glad to hear the positive notes!! I have to tell you, I guess my wounded drummer carries a different beat than most. I never doubted that you would beat this thing; my concern was the toll of the fight!! So now we move forward. And enough about that, too!

BIRTHDAY! I believe you are catching up with me . Anyway, about that 100 year old stuff; I will never reach it! I am celebrating my 40th for the fourth time and plan to just sit right here. It’s a nice feeling!! Give it a whirl. So what do you want for your birthday, ask for something cool!!!!!

As for what to blog about, I’m not really sure. Why do I read it? To hear what is going on with you, Jen and Jake! Why do I blog? To share my feelings, concerns and support for you and your family! AND to keep you posted about the in-laws! What to blog about, you decide? But I still haven’t heard about that X-Box 360!

“Memento Vivere”