Thursday, June 01, 2006

Feeling Down With a Photo

OK. This will be my first "downer" blog entry. However, I promise to post the picture of my bald head at the end of it.

So, this new drug makes me feel horrible! It's called IL-2, and it is a protein that your body makes to pump up the immune system. I wasn't able to keep my dinner from last night or my breakfast from this morning down. That really sucks, because continuing to eat is one of my major goals for this round.

Oh, the doctor's say it is normal. My doctor says don't worry if you don't eat. But I remember how weak I was when I left the hospital last time.

Another benefit of the drug chills and fever. I get the chills and 30 minutes later, I’ve got a fever of 102. It happens about every three hours.

OK, enough bitching. I promised I would post the picture so here it is...


Kate said...

Don't let this get you down. You know it's all part of the treatment.

It'll be worth it in the end. Don't ever forget your goal.

I'm thinking of you. You're my biggest inspiration right now.

By the way - I love the new look. It actually works for you. I'm sure every woman is telling you that right now :)

Warm hugs,


lilbro77 said...

looks like a solar panal for a cancer killing machine...

Natalie Jeter said...

Hi Jason, I'm Natalie Jeter - Toby Jeter's wife. I remember visiting with you and Jen at your Dad's house - laughing and drinking too!

I'm praying for you, Jen and Jacob that you have the strength to get through this.

You look great in that picture - better than the one Jeff had on his camera! :-)

In God's Love,

Jeterman5000 said...

Look'n good, man! I read all of the posting this morning... Nice progress!

Jimmy Bynum said...

Jason - I never knew you had such a pretty crown. When we worked together, didn’t you have an Afro? The new look is much more aerodynamic. Stay the course and you will prevail.

Jimmy Bynum

rbsugarland said...

Jason, you're giving Bruce Willis a run for his money!