Thursday, July 27, 2006

Important News via Song

What? Two posts in two days? Well, I have important news.

So yesterday I went to get some tests done and visit my doctor, the standard procedure prior to a chemo cycle. Those of you that have met my doctor know he isn't exactly "Mr. Emotional" (not a bad thing in my opinion).

Well, when I went in he asked me, as he always does, how has my belly been filling up? When I told him that it seems to have stopped filling up he asked (excitedly) how I was feeling. When I told him I was feeling great, almost normal he got overjoyed. I swear I have never seen a doctor so happy.

What this says to me: "The doctor can't tell me that my cancer is going away based on this evidence. However, he feels that the stoppage of fluid buildup in my abdomen is a strong positive indicator for the progress of my treatment. In other words,


Great news, really. Jen and I are ecstatic, and foresee more great news in the future.

I wanted to post some song lyrics that describe how I feel. This is a good one by Robert Earl Keen that described an evening when things just went right for an unknown reason.

Feelin' Good Again (excerpt) by Robert Earl Keen Jr.

...So I strolled across old Main Street
Walked down a flight of stairs
Stepped into the hall
And saw all my friends were there
A neon sign was flashin' "Welcome come on in"
It feels so good - feelin' good again

My favorite band was playin'
An Otis Redding song
When they sang the chorus
Everybody sang along
Dan and Margarita were swayin' side by side
I heard they were divorcin'
But I guess they let it slide
And I wished I had some money
with which to buy a round

I wished I'd cashed my paycheck
Before I came to town
But I reached into my pocket
Found three twenties and a ten
It feels so good - feelin' good again...

Cancer Sux like a Hoover


Wild Child said...

Yo, what up's Reggie! I talked to Lin the other day and she told me about your current fight. I was telling her about a mutual acquaintance of ours that just found out he has cancer and she told me about you. Dude my fucking heart dropped when she told me that shit! You know when you hear the word cancer all of your first thoughts are how bad is it, where is it, and can it be fixed...bro, you are in my prayers. It's a good thing to read your treatments are working...YEAH! LOL man, I hate hearing about bad shit happening to good good thing is your a strong minded dude and that's a big plus...I think I've got your e-mail. I'm gonna drop you a line to test from my hotmail account. Until then...see you at the end of round 12 after you KO the punk!

Ken said...

Wow that is awesome. Keep kickin ass and get through this next round. We'll see you next week.

lesli said...

I never had a doubt that this is your RECOVERY and that you would fight this horrible thing. I am so happy to hear how good you are feeling. Here's to you and your fight. You're one of the strongest people I know and I knew that this would take a turn for the better.

Þhân†ôm said...

Awesome man!!! We are all so happy for you ... just keep thinking positive, and pretty soon, that will become reality! Very glad to hear that you're pushing through :)

- Jon

tejan said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing better...that's really good news. I've been kicking it out here in Vegas for the both of us. I only have two weeks of work left and then I'll be heading back to good old Houston. The rest of the team and myself were planning on visting you once me and Patrick got back to town. If that was alright. But anyways see you soon and keep fighting.

Smoke Dog said...

Hey Jason! It's Katherine. I'm so glad to hear that you're "feelin good again"! It's funny how song lyrics can sum our feelings up so nicely at times. I can totally relate to that. I haven't left a comment before, but I do regularly read up on your progress. It elates me to hear that you and Jen are full of hope. That, in itself, can do wonders! I'm praying for you and your family. Take care Jason! I've always loved you Connelly boys!

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